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The complete suite of telecommunication tools
at your fingertips

State-of-the-art telecommunications systems

Customised solutions

Optivoice offers you a communication system tailored exactly to your company's needs. Our solutions can be tailored to corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses. We can build monthly packages starting from 30 euros + vat. Solutions are scalable as the business evolves.

Turnkey systems

You can leave everything to us, we hand over the system fully configured and take care of monitoring and maintenance; you don't need a dedicated department, you can enjoy the benefits of using the system and concentrate on growing your business.

Complex integrations

You can bring voice, sms, video, social media or web chat communication into one place and integrate with CRM, ERP or hotel applications. The system can be operated completely autonomously with the help of the intelligent assistant.

Free trial

If you are not familiar with such services, don't know how they can help you or want to check the quality before you buy, we provide you with a free test account or you can schedule a presentation session with the technical team. You don't need advanced IT skills.

Complete IP communications suite

Real-time information exchange is vital to modern business, and a tool that integrates all communication means, devices and channels allows users to be in touch with anyone, anywhere, in real time.

For companies with multiple workplaces or employees in different locations (even if they work from home or are out of the country) this mode of communication is extremely important and effective.

Unified Communications are those that integrate voice, text, video and social media communications into business applications and directly reflect in:

centrală telefonică virtuală pentru comunicații unificate

Increasing employee productivity

The flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime, to be in constant contact with colleagues, helps you reduce lost time and get more done in less time. Are you ready?

Streamlining internal processes

Know at any time which colleagues are available and which are not, be able to organize instant meetings and conferences, receive voice messages left by callers immediately by email.
Could it get any simpler?

Shaping a professional image

Increased productivity and streamlined internal processes mean better results, happier employees and happier customers.
What else is better for your image in the market?

Optivoice Solutions
Complex problems, simple solutions

Large firms and corporations

Optivoice brings you 3CX – the most powerful global unified communications system.
As a Solutions Provider and Titanium 3CX Partner in Romania, Optivoice can offer you the platform both in the cloud and on-premise and provides specialized support through 3CX certified technicians throughout the implementation and use of the solution.

Comunicații unificate pentru firme mici și mijlocii

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Optivoice provides you with tools that until recently were only accessible to very large companies because they required considerable financial investment and qualified personnel for configuration, monitoring and maintenance.


Scalable solutions for any situation

Depending on the complexity of your unified communications system and the size of your business, we can find effective solutions that make your job easier, reduce significant costs and provide you with tools that differentiate you from your competitors.

We can just as easily build simple systems for 1-5 users and complex systems for hundreds of users and locations. Optivoice offers you a free evaluation of your current system and advice on choosing an optimal configuration.

Regardless of the field you work in, one of the basic requirements for success is to ensure effective communication both externally, with customers, suppliers, patients, students, and internally, between employees – and Optivoice solutions adapt to any type of activity.

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