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Smart virtual assistant

The new generation of IVR.
Automated customer service incorporates technologies such as speech recognition, speech to text or text to speech

With the Smart Virtual Assistant you can create real-time conversations and record orders for services or products without any human intervention.

Increased efficiency

Customers can quickly access or transmit the information they want without having to spend minutes in queues. It no longer requires selecting options by pressing keys, but directly by voice.

Improved results

Increased customer satisfaction, image gain. You also take the pressure off employees, who are no longer stuck in calls for giving or taking simple, repetitive information.

Reduced costs

You can manage call-centre activities with a reduced number of employees, who can be involved in more productive processes: sales, logistics, so you can optimise costs.

Smart features

Intuitive and automated voice recognition – the smart virtual assistant can talk directly to your customers and understand what they want without them having to interact with a human operator.

The new generation IVR can determine which department to connect the customer with, based on keywords spoken by the customer, without the need for keystrokes.

The smart virtual assistant can offer pre-configured or parameter-based interactions and provide personalised information to your customers (e.g. specific information on invoices issued).

By converting voice to text, what the customer says is automatically sent to order picking systems or in writing via email; it can be used to automatically take telephone orders (e.g. food delivery, taxi orders or express courier) or even request technical assistance by describing the problem encountered.

It can call your customers to remind them of various events (e.g. doctor’s appointment) or remind them to pay a bill, without having to tie up operators for hours on end doing a simple, repetitive task.

API Integration

The virtual assistant allows database integrations and API integrations with other CRM/ERP platforms for order/schedule management, etc. Information can be sent to these platforms or platforms can be queried to retrieve information


We build smart assistant solutions with you.
They adapt perfectly to the specifics and needs of your business to achieve maximum efficiency and cost optimisation.

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