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Complaints resolution procedure

Claims may be submitted within 7 days of the declared event, or of the issue of the invoice in the case of a dispute.

Optivoice subscribers can submit complaints regarding the contracted services by the following means:
a) Call the Technical Department on 0369 811 411, during office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-20:00, except for public holidays.
b) By sending an e-mail to
c) By sending a fax to 0369 811 412
d) Opening a ticket through the online ticketing system on
e) By written request sent to the company’s head office: Str. Gutuilor nr.15, Sibiu, postal code 550092.

The Technical Department assumes the obligation to notify the complainant of the acknowledgement within 48 hours of receipt of the complaint. Initial communication and during settlement will be made by the same means used to file the claim, or using the contract details provided by the Customer.

The timeframe for resolving complaints varies depending on the type of complaint, as follows:
a) Technical – within 24 hours, if caused by problems with Opticom equipment. In the event of a problem that does not reside with Opticom’s equipment, being caused by third parties, Opticom will communicate to the Customer the same solution deadline received from the third parties.
b) Financial / invoicing – within 24 working hours maximum
c) Activation – in maximum 48 working hours
d) Others – within 24 working hours maximum

In the event that it is necessary to extend the solution period initially provided, the Customer will be notified at least 4 hours before the expiry of this period.

In the event that the Beneficiary is unable to use the Service due to faults which are solely the fault of OPTICOM, such as faults in the OPTICOM system, and which OPTICOM is responsible for remedying, at the Beneficiary’s request, the Beneficiary shall be entitled to a compensation agreed by the parties as a pro rata reduction of the value of the subscription for the following month by the period during which the Beneficiary was unable to use the Service, by way of compensation. The reduction of the monthly subscription amount will be shown on the invoice of the month immediately following the period of non-use.

Dispute resolution

The parties agree that any dispute arising between them, which cannot be settled amicably, may be referred by either party to the following courts:

National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications
Address. Delea Noua, nr.2, Sector 3, Code 030925, Bucharest
Phone: 0800 855 855 or 0372 845 845
Online complaint form: ANCOM form

International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Address: 2 Octavian Goga Boulevard, sector 3, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Fax: 021 319 01 26

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