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Jupiter Systems – a new partnership for Optivoice

Jupiter System - partener Optivoice

We are proud to introduce our new Optivoice partner - Jupiter Systems, a leader in real-time collaborative visualization solutions.

With over 40 years of industry experience, US-based Jupiter Systems is redefining the standards of collaboration in enterprise environments through innovation and exceptional quality. Ultrawide 21:9 displays developed by Jupiter Systems have become synonymous with performance and efficiency, providing state-of-the-art visual solutions that transform the way teams interact with information.

Jupiter Systems partener Optivoice

By collaborating with Jupiter Systems, Optivoice is bringing advanced technologies to your business devices for the first time in Romania, reinforcing its commitment to providing leading-edge solutions in telecommunications and collaboration.

Yealink, Jupiter, Optivoice: Partnership for Signature Teams Rooms

With Jupiter’s ultra-wide displays, coupled with Yealink’s all-in-one 360-degree cameras, implementing the Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms Front Row concept becomes simple and efficient, helping to transform online meetings into authentic, participatory experiences.

Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms
Microsoft Teams Rooms

As a partner of Microsoft, Yealink and Jupiter Systems, Optivoice offers you complete and advanced unified communications solutions. With our expertise in implementing the Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms concept, we’re ready to bring the benefits of more efficient and engaging business collaboration to our customers.

Optivoice - partnering for performance in the world of unified communications.

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