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Companies and institutions in Romania are starting to realize the importance of having a contact center, a call center, for their clients; at the same time, worldwide there is a growing trend to outsource services of this kind and for them the Romanian market is increasingly attractive because it offers a well-trained workforce, very good foreign language speakers and at a low price.
Invited to an event organised by Business Magazin, Vladimir Sterescu, CGS Romania, said, “Romania is gradually becoming for many technology providers a market that they are starting to look more and more to in recent years. The market is developing, there are more and more companies, even state institutions, that have invested in recent years and are still investing in support centres. In our experience, a distinction needs to be made between the basic features of a support centre and the new ones that are coming onto the market.”
According to the same daily, Bucharest has started to overtake other central and eastern European capitals, such as Sofia and Budapest, but we are still far behind the Czech Republic and Poland. The state is starting to recognise the contact centre industry, and since the end of 2012 the authorities have been giving subsidies to those who create jobs in the support area.
Call center communication solutions can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. Studies show that in the US, 70% of activity is already in the cloud, and globally the percentage reaches 50%. In Romania, the cloud is still at the beginning of the road but it is good that there are already companies that come with cloud solutions to meet customers open to new technologies with all the advantages they bring.
Vital in choosing a communication system for a customer service is the reporting and monitoring part. In addition to the classic functions: IVR, queues, personalized messages, hourly routing, call transfer, etc. without which a call center cannot fulfill its mission, real-time user-level activity reports, call recording, whisper&barge-in functions make it possible to prepare and evaluate the sales force/customer relations and monitor the quality of the employee-customer interaction.
The major advantage of cloud solutions is that they are evolutionary systems, not static; they can incorporate the latest technologies, given the dizzying evolution of software and solutions worldwide. A cloud system grows with you and allows you to always be in the market without having to change your system every time a better solution comes along.

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