5 years of 5 stars – Optivoice – Titanium 3CX Partner

5 years of 5 stars – Optivoice – Titanium 3CX Partner

We are pleased to announce that Optivoice continues to be a 3CX Titanium Partner for the 5th consecutive year!

This remarkable achievement underlines our commitment to quality communication and collaboration services.

As a Titanium Partner, we strive to provide the best solutions and leading technical expertise. Our priority is to ensure that our customers’ experience exceeds all expectations. This success is the result of the constant efforts of our team and the support of our customers.

Thank you all for your trust and support during these 5 years!

Jupiter Systems – a new partnership for Optivoice

Jupiter Systems – a new partnership for Optivoice

Jupiter System - partener Optivoice

We are proud to introduce our new Optivoice partner - Jupiter Systems, a leader in real-time collaborative visualization solutions.

With over 40 years of industry experience, US-based Jupiter Systems is redefining the standards of collaboration in enterprise environments through innovation and exceptional quality. Ultrawide 21:9 displays developed by Jupiter Systems have become synonymous with performance and efficiency, providing state-of-the-art visual solutions that transform the way teams interact with information.

Jupiter Systems partener Optivoice

By collaborating with Jupiter Systems, Optivoice is bringing advanced technologies to your business devices for the first time in Romania, reinforcing its commitment to providing leading-edge solutions in telecommunications and collaboration.

Yealink, Jupiter, Optivoice: Partnership for Signature Teams Rooms

With Jupiter’s ultra-wide displays, coupled with Yealink’s all-in-one 360-degree cameras, implementing the Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms Front Row concept becomes simple and efficient, helping to transform online meetings into authentic, participatory experiences.

Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms
Microsoft Teams Rooms

As a partner of Microsoft, Yealink and Jupiter Systems, Optivoice offers you complete and advanced unified communications solutions. With our expertise in implementing the Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms concept, we’re ready to bring the benefits of more efficient and engaging business collaboration to our customers.

Optivoice - partnering for performance in the world of unified communications.

New Optivoice partnerships

New Optivoice partnerships

Optivoice becomes the first certified partner of Pexip in Romania

We are proud to announce our partnership with Pexip – a globally recognized platform for its enterprise-grade secure videoconferencing solutions.

In a world where data security is becoming increasingly important, Pexip offers comprehensive security measures to protect the privacy and integrity of its customers’ communications.

From end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and protection against DDoS attacks, Pexip guarantees the highest level of security for its online communication and collaboration solutions.

Optivoice is Pexip’s first certified partner in Romania and we are pleased to offer our customers high quality and safe solutions.

Audiocodes Partnership

AudioCodes is a leading provider of advanced communications software, products and productivity solutions for the digital environment. AudioCodes enables enterprises and service providers to build and operate all-IP voice networks for the delivery of unified communications, contact centers and hosted business services, either in the cloud or on-premises.

By partnering with Audiocodes, Optivoice will be able to deliver direct routing service implementation for Microsoft Teams to its customers.

10 years of Optivoice

10 years of Optivoice

We are celebrating 10 years of activity and we are pleased to present the new Optivoice image!

We’ve updated our look and feel, but behind the new image we’re still the same enthusiastic and energetic team, ready to support you with the best communication solutions and even more motivated to deliver an outstanding experience.

Over these 10 years, communication has changed significantly and the focus has shifted from voice and telephony to video conferencing and team collaboration tools. We have seen change as a challenge and have always adapted our portfolio of services and products, providing you with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Our new slogan “Meeting your needs” perfectly reflects our goal of transforming complex technology into customised solutions tailored to your needs. It is an expression of our experience and how we use it to provide you with the optimal communication solutions, perfectly tailored to the needs of each individual client. Thus, the rebranding of Optivoice naturally represents the evolution of our company as we continue to innovate and offer you the best solutions.

Our goal remains the same: to help you stay connected and productive, whether you work from home or collaborate with colleagues around the world.

Thank you for joining us and we invite you to stay tuned to discover the news and special offers we are preparing to celebrate 10 years of Optivoice together!

Discover this month's offers in the Optivoice shop

New Optivoice PBX platform

New Optivoice PBX platform

With the new Optivoice PBX platform we bring multiple improvements to our services:

  • we are doing away with third-party PC and mobile applications; the new applications are proprietary, fully integrated into the telephony platform and offer you:
    – superior audio quality
    – increased stability and safety
    – ease of use
  • We bring you advanced call center tools:
    – wallboard with real-time information
    – complex and programmable reporting
    – listen, whisper, barge-in functions integrated in the PC application
  • add text communication:
    – internal chat (text messages between users) with presence status and profile pictures
    – live chat (integrated into your website, for text communication with your customers)
    – Facebook and WhatsApp integration (optional)
  • we include videoconferencing service, with a maximum of 100 simultaneous participants, for:
    – organisation of internal meetings or with external participants
    – video communication with customers, remote support
    – webinar support for presentations of new products or services
  • we offer you the innovative intelligent assistant (optional):
    – text2speech/speech2text
    – allows you to automate telephone communication with customers, thus streamlining human resources
    – you can provide a 24/7 service

Optivoice PBX customers can migrate to this platform whenever they want, for scheduling please contact Optivoice technical support team.

New 3CX release: update 4 of version 18

New 3CX release: update 4 of version 18

The new update has reached the final stage of testing and has been officially released by 3CX.

This update brings major changes to the way the 3CX tunnel processes RTP audio packets. The Tunnel now prioritises RTP streams for 3CX mobile applications, which greatly improves audio quality.

New features offered by this update 4 of version 18:

  • A new live chat: the code for the live chat plugin has been improvised, making it more compact for higher speed and ease of use:
  • The 3CX Web Client gets the new “Receptionist” view option for easier access to team status and easier communication with them:
Receptionist View - 3CX Web Client
  • Users have the option to set their own status from the Web Client and schedule in “office hours” and break:
  • The option of automatic monthly updates has been added, in addition to daily or weekly updates:
Schedule monthly updates

For further information or support request regarding the installation of this update 4 of version 18 3CX, you can always contact the Optivoice support team.

3CX news in 2022

3CX news in 2022

Optivoice and 3CX

For the third consecutive year, Opticom remains the only Titanium partner of 3CX in South-East Europe. It is a recognition of the effort and commitment of the Optivoice team in providing high-performance communication solutions to our clients, responding to various challenges and facilitating rapid adaptation to the changes in the way of working generated by the pandemic situation. We thank you for being with us and we look confidently to the future, focusing on constantly improving the quality of our services.

Late last year, 3CX launched the V18 version, which brings a number of advantages over previous versions, offering the best audio quality, performance and reliability. With customer communication at the forefront, V18 offers an integrated all-in-one solution to communicate internally and connect with customers – via voice, live chat or video.

What’s new in V18

A new web interface design and a new desktop application

  • Better integration with the operating system
  • No browser extension needed
  • The call can be made directly from the page where you work (e.g. CRM)

Single sign-on support

  • Logging into the web application can be done using your Active Directory, Microsoft 365 or Google account.

Teams Integration

  • The cost-effective alternative to Microsoft365 calling plans
  • Optimal communication between 3CX and Teams users

Performance and security improvements

  • improved audio quality
  • better codec management
  • A+ safety level in Qualys laboratories and A in Immunilabs laboratories

Videoconferencing: improved performance, increased confidentiality and more stability

  • Conferences will run on their own instance
  • Completely rewritten web application, bringing resource optimization leading to better video playback and improved compatibility with older equipment
  • It is no longer necessary to exchange personal data with 3CX in order to generate an invitation or to enter a conference; invitations can be sent by: email, link, QR code or Whatsapp
  • New connectivity monitoring tools for IT administrators
  • Conferences can also be created, managed, deleted from third party applications such as ClickUp or MS Teams via Rest API
  • Mobile apps (Android and iOS) now allow viewing of shared information, PDF documents and participation in polls during conferences
  • New features for the organiser
  • The Web Meeting servers used by V16 will be closed on 30 March 2022

Better mobile apps (Android and iOS)

  • Support for iOS 15 and Android 12
  • Optimized audio reconnection when transitioning between Wi-Fi and mobile data
  • Better PUSH notifications
  • Siri integration
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Share documents from other applications in 3CX chat
  • Phone numbers you can call from chat
  • New applications must be downloaded before 1 May 2022

Good to know

After 30 November 2022, support for V16 will be withdrawn. Security patches will no longer be offered and it will no longer be possible to reinstall instances on versions older than V18.

For optimal operation and without loss of information, we recommend migrating to V18 by 28 February 2022.

If you need more information or migration support , do not hesitate to contact us.

Why a virus shouldn’t disrupt your business.

Why a virus shouldn’t disrupt your business.

Companies around the world are reacting differently to Covid-19, asking employees to work from home, banning travel or postponing events and trade fairs.

Organisations face challenges around speed of response in terms of both employee health and wellbeing and disrupted supply chains. All this can have a huge impact on the well-being of the company and the economy as a whole.

It is therefore essential not to let panic overwhelm us, but to make sure that plans are in place to ensure business continuity so as to minimise financial losses and protect the company as far as possible.

Pandemic checklist to help you minimise your risk:

  1. Identify key staff
  • Designate someone to coordinate communication activities and strategies during the pandemic.
  • Develop a communication plan to employees outlining how the company will respond to shutdown scenarios or possible workplace infections.
  • Establish minimum staffing needs, for key points in the business, in case you have to operate with a reduced workforce due to illness.
  • Identify the top employees and make sure other members have received the right training to replace them.

2. Be prepared for remote working

  • Analyze the technology, including bandwidth, security and connectivity needed to support employees working from home.
  • Provides training to staff on the remote use of communications tools such as video conferencing.
  • Analyses and prepares a work transfer strategy for the functions and processes that can be transferred.
  • Start preparing as soon as possible! Test remote working!

3. Keep your employees well informed

  • Make sure all employees know what to do to avoid crises and panic.
  • Inform them about who to contact, when and how, for every possible scenario.
  • Review your company’s HR policies and advise your employees of their rights in the event of quarantine and imposed time off.
  • Analyze health insurance to determine what may or may not be covered in the event of a pandemic.

4. Communicate with partners

  • Get in touch with your vital suppliers and vendors to find out where they stand.
  • Identify operational and revenue impacts.
  • Consider alternative suppliers before the need arises.

Using the right tools to communicate

  • Effective responses and prevention of disruptions depend on careful planning as mentioned above, but also on the use of communication solutions that can respond to needs.
  • Choose a video conferencing solution that can allow you to easily communicate with a large number of people, without having to pay large amounts for monthly licenses or usage.
  • Make sure both audio quality and video capabilities are high. There’s nothing worse than audio interference when you’re trying to communicate with a group of people. Good video quality will also help employees feel like they’re still part of the team, even if they’re not in the same room.
  • Help employees share their ideas and work. Choose a solution that includes screen sharing options for remote support, as well as the ability to upload PDF files and share documents with your group.