New Optivoice PBX platform

With the new Optivoice PBX platform we bring multiple improvements to our services:

  • we are doing away with third-party PC and mobile applications; the new applications are proprietary, fully integrated into the telephony platform and offer you:
    – superior audio quality
    – increased stability and safety
    – ease of use
  • We bring you advanced call center tools:
    – wallboard with real-time information
    – complex and programmable reporting
    – listen, whisper, barge-in functions integrated in the PC application
  • add text communication:
    – internal chat (text messages between users) with presence status and profile pictures
    – live chat (integrated into your website, for text communication with your customers)
    – Facebook and WhatsApp integration (optional)
  • we include videoconferencing service, with a maximum of 100 simultaneous participants, for:
    – organisation of internal meetings or with external participants
    – video communication with customers, remote support
    – webinar support for presentations of new products or services
  • we offer you the innovative intelligent assistant (optional):
    – text2speech/speech2text
    – allows you to automate telephone communication with customers, thus streamlining human resources
    – you can provide a 24/7 service

Optivoice PBX customers can migrate to this platform whenever they want, for scheduling please contact Optivoice technical support team.

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