New 3CX release: update 4 of version 18

The new update has reached the final stage of testing and has been officially released by 3CX.

This update brings major changes to the way the 3CX tunnel processes RTP audio packets. The Tunnel now prioritises RTP streams for 3CX mobile applications, which greatly improves audio quality.

New features offered by this update 4 of version 18:

  • A new live chat: the code for the live chat plugin has been improvised, making it more compact for higher speed and ease of use:
  • The 3CX Web Client gets the new “Receptionist” view option for easier access to team status and easier communication with them:
Receptionist View - 3CX Web Client
  • Users have the option to set their own status from the Web Client and schedule in “office hours” and break:
  • The option of automatic monthly updates has been added, in addition to daily or weekly updates:
Schedule monthly updates

For further information or support request regarding the installation of this update 4 of version 18 3CX, you can always contact the Optivoice support team.

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