For business people who spend a lot of time travelling by air, the future sounds promising and is very close. Whereas until recently, passengers were asked to turn off their electronic devices of any kind, especially mobile phones, and thus could be impossible to contact for hours on end, technological and legislative developments may radically change things.


On the one hand, there are airlines, such as British Airways, which since the end of last year have started to allow passengers to use electronic devices (mobile phones and tablets) throughout the flight, including take-off and landing, demonstrating that this does not reduce the level of safety and does not violate current legislation. They will have to be kept in “airplane mode” which cancels the connection to the mobile network, instead allowing wi-fi use. On the other hand, technological developments have also taken hold in the skies and many airlines have started to provide broadband connections on board aircraft. With a VoIP app installed on your mobile phone or tablet and wi-fi turned on you can keep in touch with family, colleagues, partners and clients and can carry out your work unhindered even from 10,000 meters altitude.

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