Whisper & barge-in are some of the lesser known features of PBXs, used until recently only by the customer services of large companies are now accessible to companies of any size, can be incorporated into Hosted PBX solutions and thus substantially reduce the cost of accessing them.

In translation, they mean “whisper” or “interrupt” and they do just that. A manager or supervisor can listen in on ongoing employee calls with customers and intervene during the call in different ways:
-to be heard only by the employee, the “whisper” function
-likes to be heard neither by the employee nor the customer, just to listen, “barge-in” function

whisper & barge-in

The functions are very useful for customer service or sales teams, but not only. While the reports may be very good quantitative indicators, they do not say much about the quality of the work. These functions allow an evaluation of the quality of the employees’ interaction with the outside world (customers, suppliers, collaborators) and the real-time correction of any erroneous information transmitted to them. In the case of new employees they can be used as effective training tools and support in the first days of work.

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