We wanted a brand that would represent us as a company, as people and that would offer the customer a warm, friendly entry into a seemingly complicated technological field, but that offers simple solutions, easy to understand and manage, while being very efficient.

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The Optivoice brand symbolism integrates key visual elements for the company’s activity – the cloud, as an image of the cloud services offered by the company and a bubble-talk, a universal symbol of communication. The cloud was made by a multiplication of conversation bubbles, suggesting the complexity of cloud-developed communication systems.
The use of green detailing more clearly highlights the idea of resource-efficient, environmentally friendly technology, which is an important asset in today’s business compared to traditional technical solutions.

Our vision takes into account all these aspects and we are determined to run our business not only with the aim of selling a service but with the desire to build together with our customer a communication system that will help him, that is perfectly adapted to his needs and that he can modify according to the evolution of the business, thus transforming it from a headache into a real tool to increase efficiency and productivity.

We invite you to browse our new website and are eager to hear your opinions and suggestions.

Continuing in the friendly spirit of the brand, we welcome you anytime to our new premises to get to know us better over a hot tea or a latte. The new office is on str. Emil Cioran nr.2 3rd floor.

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